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InStyle Gardens are a landscape design and construction company based in Geelong. We complete all aspects of landscaping from the small up to large scale projects. 

Deciding what to include in your landscaping project can be a stressful and costly experience if not done with the assistance of a professional, and will raise many questions for discussion and debate.

  • How do you best integrate the garden with the existing and surrounds?

  • How will the orientation of the property affect the design?

  • Where is the best spot for the pool?

  • What plants should you include and what is suited to my site?

  • How will I keep my garden looking the best?

  • How much will all of this cost?

                   And so on...

We guide you throughout the process, listening to your needs (and noting them on your wish list) and providing specialist advice along the way. Initially, we meet you onsite for an initial consultation.

On acceptance we will commence the design process, meeting with you onsite to discuss your plans. Once we have settled on the final design we prepare a quotation for your acceptance, followed by the construction of the project.



InStyle Gardens
PO Box 2136
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Landscape Design

InStyle Gardens' in-house design service can cater for projects of all sizes, styles, climates and conditions. We pride ourselves on being able to design and construct jobs to suit a wide range of clients.

We use the latest in computer software enabling our clients to understand how their landscape will come together. This combined with a visual presentation of materials and plants to be used in their landscape gives our client’s a greater understanding of their landscape potential.

Your landscape design will be tailored to cater for your individual needs, taking into account personal tastes, styles, house design, architecture, existing structures and gardens and in particular environmental conditions of your site. We will combine a plant schedule that will enhance your design to suit your climatic conditions to ensure your design is not only stunning but environmentally responsible.

All landscape designs are charged on a per job basis, according to
the amount of time and detail involved on each. 

Landscape Construction

InStyle Gardens are committed to using the best products, materials and plants available to construct our projects. We are mindful to use products that are from a renewable resource at the same time keeping our clients at the cutting edge of landscape materials to ensure your garden can reaches its full potential.


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At InStyle Gardens we pride ourselves on responding to enquiries as soon as possible. We'll make every effort to make contact with you within 24 hours of posting your enquiry.

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InStyle Gardens
PO Box 2136
Grovedale East
Vic 3216