Torquay Project

This was our first project working with Phillip Withers Landscape Design.

The highlight for us was definitely the curved bench seat which hugs and defines the sunken fire pit area, which you step down into on two large bluestone steps which area 3m long.

This project is full of details, with every piece of decking board on the top and front of seat, being trimmed down and routered to make it look like it hadn’t been done. 135mm wide boards were used and are full width at the back of the seat (not visible in any photos), the tops are cut on an angle from 135-120mm to allow for even gaps throughout the curve, and then the front boards are cut down to 120mm wide.

The bluestone crazy paving is very porous and has hundreds of tiny holes on each piece, so we had to tape along every join when doing the grout to ensure no grout filled any of the holes.

So many details in the construction, but the real hero of this project is the plants designed and installed by Phil and his team. They made an instant impact and just keep getting better with age. Phil is a true plants man and it was great to work with him on this first project, and several more after.