About Us

InStyle Gardens are a landscape design and construction company based in Geelong. We complete all aspects of landscaping from the small up to large scale projects. 

Deciding what to include in your landscaping project can be a stressful and costly experience if not done with the assistance of a professional, and will raise many questions for discussion and debate.

  • How do you best integrate the garden with the existing and surrounds?
  • How will the orientation of the property affect the design?
  • Where is the best spot for the pool?
  • What plants should you include and what is suited to my site?
  • How will I keep my garden looking the best?
  • How much will all of this cost?

                   And so on...

We guide you throughout the process, listening to your needs (and noting them on your wish list) and providing specialist advice along the way. Initially, we meet you onsite for an initial consultation, at no cost of course.

On acceptance we will commence the design process, meeting with you onsite to discuss your plans. Once we have settled on the final design we prepare a quotation for your acceptance, followed by the construction of the project.



InStyle Gardens
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